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The Harmony Partnership Blog

Time To Move On

I once asked a very wise colleague (thank you Bill H.) who was leaving after many years in the same company, ‘when did you know it was the right time to move on?’ He replied, ‘I woke up one morning and simply knew.’ It seemed too easy an answer, but barely 3 months later I had a similar experience and a little later was offered a truly exciting opportunity when the Harmony Partnership was ‘gifted’ to me (thank you, Jim L.) and I took over as Managing Director. (read more)

Check out your Personality type

People don’t often get out of bed in the morning determined to make your life hell, and while your perception of their behaviour may lead you to think so, it is more likely to be simply different personalities and type preferences. Are you an introvert or an extrovert, do you make decisions based on mercy rather than justice, do you need to finish your work before you can fully relax and play, are you more comfortable with facts or using your imagination and intuition? (read more)

Stress Resilience Tips – a reflective circle.

It’s was all very well having a Stress Awareness Day, but 9 months on, how many of us are still managing stress more successfully as a result? (read more)

The Hidden Threats to your Business?

Are your company’s hidden ‘rules of thumb’ supporting or hindering your business?

We were recently alerted to the work of Martin Fischer who understands the way a group of people interact and get things done, not in some hierarchical way, but as in the unofficial rules that everyone simply knows and works to. (read more)

Drop the Barricades!

Why do so many boardrooms have a very large table, often immovable, which means the room has a single, optimum function?

As a consultancy and training company delivering people skills we recognise the value of coaxing participants out from behind any tables, which are so often barriers to communication and learning. This provides an open arena where exploration, creativity and sharing are enhanced, and where it is practicable to ensure group activities become an opportunity to work with different people.

While some participants are initially uncomfortable without a table in front of them, this is soon overcome, and more personal learning is gained from being slightly outside the ‘comfort zone’. We definitely notice a more engaged, open and sharing environment without tables and with that comes increased spontaneity, more questions, and discussions which flow more freely. (read more)

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf – John Coates

There have been many suggestions as to why the global economy has been regularly destabilised, including poor banking controls, managerial incompetence and personal negligence. John Coates, a neuroscientist and ex-Wall Street trader, has undertaken research which shows that under pressure of risk our biology transforms us into different people, which he refers to as the hour between dog and wolf. (read more)

Quick Tip – Never Say No to Networking

For someone who is an introvert networking is hard work, however I am repeatedly being told that networking is the best way to make allies and gain business. The latest good piece of advice on the subject; know what your next goal is and mention it in passing to everyone you meet, at some stage someone will be willing to help you in the right direction. Another useful tip – always have your business cards ready, and hand them out! Maybe I can do this after all!

Guest Post: Meaningful Redundancy Consultation

“We have been providing outsourced HR support to a graphic design agency based in Gloucestershire for over five years and have seen the Company grow from just two employees to the current ten.

One of their major accounts unfortunately went into liquidation resulting in our client having to make some considerable cut backs and to consider redundancy. (read more)

Thinking is the hardest thing to do

Chris Rigby, a Harmony Associate, has been researching the reasons why leadership development interventions so rarely ‘stick’. The importance of reflection in the learning process, as identified by Kholb and others, has been proven by Chris’s research as key to supporting improved decision making. However, often due to resource restraints, longer term management development programmes allowing time for practising and demonstrating the benefits of reflection are almost a thing of the past. To bridge that gap Chris has now developed a series of tools and techniques to support structured and faster reflective practice. The following provides some insight into this vital tool. (read more)

A Managed Process for Effective Innovation

No matter how efficiently any business runs, there will always be problems to solve, new challenges to meet and increasing cycles of change, which all mean finding new ways to respond.

The trouble is, people remember how the business got from A to B by, for example, walking. Instead of thinking about new ways to get from B to C, they simply focus on walking harder. (read more)