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A Managed Process for Effective Innovation

No matter how efficiently any business runs, there will always be problems to solve, new challenges to meet and increasing cycles of change, which all mean finding new ways to respond.

The trouble is, people remember how the business got from A to B by, for example, walking. Instead of thinking about new ways to get from B to C, they simply focus on walking harder.

Sometimes, it may actually be impossible to walk your way out of a problem – especially if your competitors are running. You may need to fly, swim or jump to get ahead. That’s where innovation comes in. (read more)

What is innovation?
Innovation is the process of capturing value from new ideas. It means creating new products; new services or new ways of operating that are measurably beneficial to your business.

Who can benefit?
Innovation is not just for high-tech companies like Apple, any organisation in any sector can capture value from new ideas by using innovation techniques.

Innovation is not about waiting for a Eureka moment. It is about using scientific methods for generating creativity. Innovation is a managed process that covers four core areas:
  • Understanding the hidden needs of customers.
  • Using scientific methods for generating creative new ideas that will appeal to customers.
  • Prioritising new ideas in line with your company’s capabilities and strategy.
  • Creating a culture of innovation within your organisation that inspires and motivates employees.
Even if you’re not the next high-tech rival to Apple, the correct use of innovation techniques can act as the foundation for profitable new ideas in your business.

Some comments from our latest Innovation and Creativity Workshop.
  • ”Innovation is key to the success of our company, and its great – and alarming – to find so many ways we can improve our innovation processes.” Adam Naisbitt, Director, Easy Blast
  • ”A great overview to help initiate and maintain an innovative work ethic within the workplace.” Zac Wilkins, GEA Westphalia
  • ”I really enjoyed the course especially the creativity part and different techniques used to help with ideas generation.” Irene Aximova
  • ”I appreciated the refresher on the importance of innovation and the presentation of practical techniques to be applied on managing and developing a creative environment which I will be using with my team.” Colin Cottrell, Altro Group Ltd

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