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Check out your Personality type

People don’t often get out of bed in the morning determined to make your life hell, and while your perception of their behaviour may lead you to think so, it is more likely to be simply different personalities and type preferences. Are you an introvert or an extrovert, do you make decisions based on mercy rather than justice, do you need to finish your work before you can fully relax and play, are you more comfortable with facts or using your imagination and intuition?

To learn more about your preferred type and how this may impact on relationships and your ‘best fit’ career.

Some people prefer to work first and play later; others get a buzz out of working to the deadline, indeed produce their best work under pressure and therefore prefer to leave work until the last minute.

If you prefer to complete a task with plenty of time to spare, and you ask for a report to be on your desk by a given date, you will tend to expect it to be started well in advance. Consequently if you can see the person hasn’t even started it a few days before the deadline you may begin to feel anxious and be tempted to keep checking up on progress. If this type of event happens on a recurring basis, even though you know the report is always on the desk by the given dead line, it can create real tension and a lack of trust in that relationship, when it is simply different preferences.

Not right or wrong, just different, and entirely workable if both parties recognise and respect each others differences, and work with them.

If you would like to know more about personality types and how to work more effectively with differing preferences, simply contact us or check out

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