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Drop the Barricades!

Why do so many boardrooms have a very large table, often immovable, which means the room has a single, optimum function?

As a consultancy and training company delivering people skills we recognise the value of coaxing participants out from behind any tables, which are so often barriers to communication and learning. This provides an open arena where exploration, creativity and sharing are enhanced, and where it is practicable to ensure group activities become an opportunity to work with different people.

While some participants are initially uncomfortable without a table in front of them, this is soon overcome, and more personal learning is gained from being slightly outside the ‘comfort zone’. We definitely notice a more engaged, open and sharing environment without tables and with that comes increased spontaneity, more questions, and discussions which flow more freely.

So would it be worthwhile trying a few Board meetings in an open horse shoe of chairs without a table, if that increases mutual learning, creativity, productive meetings and fosters greater team spirit? Why not turn your boardroom into a centre for learning!

Then when external training consultants come in, they can enjoy the same facilities!

Looking forward to hearing your views on boardroom tables as barriers to mutual learning.

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