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Guest Post: Meaningful Redundancy Consultation

“We have been providing outsourced HR support to a graphic design agency based in Gloucestershire for over five years and have seen the Company grow from just two employees to the current ten.

One of their major accounts unfortunately went into liquidation resulting in our client having to make some considerable cut backs and to consider redundancy. They had calculated that they needed to reduce their costs by a minimum of 10%..

We commenced a redundancy consultation programme with all staff members, explaining the problem and the knock-on effect this would have on the business and asked them to put forward any suggestions they might have to reduce costs and to avoid the potential redundancy of one position, ie 10% of the work force. .

They had always worked very well together as a tight-knit team and so they arranged to meet up that evening in a local pub to have a brainstorming session away from work to come up with some suggestions to reduce costs and to avoid anyone facing redundancy. They unanimously agreed that if they all offered to take a 10% pay cut, none of them would need to lose their job and they would all work hard to find potential new customers so that their salaries could be reinstated once the Company was able to replace the lost business. .

Two new clients were secured within three months and not only have the staff salaries been reinstated, they’ve all been given a bonus as a thank you for their understanding and co-operation at such a difficult time. .

Angela Rhodes.
Crispin Rhodes
T: 01908 576991

Angela Rhodes, of Crispin Rhodes is one of those people everyone automatically warms to, Angela is also one of the most switched on HR consultants I have met. Crispin Rhodes specialises in delivering HR solutions to the SME market and the following is an example of how Angela’s down to earth approach produces results. For more information please contact Angela.

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