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The Harmony Partnership Blog

John Crawley’s Insights on Positivity

The Harmony Partnership Team has worked with most industry sectors to find resolutions to a variety of conflict situations, many of which have been very complex involving the mutliple strands found in team confict.  One of our Stratgic Partners, John Crawley was responsible for the emergence of workplace mediation as a discipline within the UK and is one of the most versatile and innovative dispute resolution specialists in the UK.

Over the coming months we will be asking our specialist partners to contribute to ‘Positivity’  and John has kindly provided the following insights. (read more)

Guidelines for Life from the Dalai Lama

On the day I left my previous role after 12 years of providing consultancy and training services to external clients, my last symbolic act was to clear my very full pin board.

I found the following as a hard copy email, the piece of paper completely hidden from view until I cleared the layers of office emails and official notices, which I had allowed to obscure the words that lay beneath. (read more)

Five Steps to Harmonising the Workplace!

Company Values
  • Recognise that employees at all levels ‘working in the flow’ are already actively living the existing positive company values. There is no need to recreate them.
  • Discover these using, for example, focus groups at all levels, feedback ‘values boards’, values voting, values champion groups.
  • Communicate the resulting values in words which (read more)

Happiness at Work Matters!

There have been many books and articles written about happiness at work, the vast majority I have read have been interesting and useful. However I found a small article (1) in the BPS Journal ‘Assessment and Development Matters’ particularly compelling. (read more)

Stress – a symptom and cause of workplace absence?

Absence is often tackled by collecting data, who is absent, how long for and what are the reasons, stress and musculoskeletal being the most common, and getting people back to work as soon as possible, with the very best of intentions. (read more)