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Stress Resilience Tips – a reflective circle.

It’s was all very well having a Stress Awareness Day, but 9 months on, how many of us are still managing stress more successfully as a result?

A HSE defines stress as ‘a response to the perceived relationship between the demands on us and our ability to cope.’ The perception that we do not have the ability or resources to cope may be entirely correct or it could be based on unnecessary fears, outdated insecurities and negative beliefs.

Are people who see life as a glass half full likely to be less stressed than someone with a more pessimistic view? Apparently they are. (read more)

Emotional resilience has become a bit of a sound bite, but the core practices for developing ER have strong roots in positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy, and they work – if you think in the positive.

Stress Resilience Tips
  1. You are the person in charge of what goes on in your head, so you are the only one who can take control of negative thoughts and turn them into positives.
  2. If you say ‘I can’t handle this’ you probably won’t; if you say ‘how could I handle this?’ you will more likely to find a solution and follow it through.
  3. Change your perception. Instead of thinking a situation is stressful, unfair, difficult, try thinking of it as a Challenge. How can you turn a ‘challenging’ situation into a positive outcome?
  4. Accept life can be unjust/unfair; that you can’t always get things right. Learn from it; move on.
  5. People don’t get up in the morning determined to make your life hell. Try and understand what is behind their behaviour. Presume positive intent then you won’t take offence easily.
  6. Focus your attention on other people. Think how many people you could make happy every day simply be smiling at them, or some small courtesy, these cost nothing but are worth their weight in gold.
  7. Identify your values and live them; stress can be caused by shame, guilt and embarrassment because we haven’t done so.
  8. Give up short term pleasures for longer term gains. Instead of having coffee and a bun every day save up for a special treat that will still being a smile to your face years later.
  9. See criticism as a gift; check out how you can use it, and if it isn’t constructive or useful, stick it in your brains non-recycling bin.
  10. If something is outside your control and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, what is to be gained by worrying?
  11. Thinking ‘I can’t’ to any of the above? Go back to Tip number 1!

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