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The Hidden Threats to your Business?

Are your company’s hidden ‘rules of thumb’ supporting or hindering your business?

We were recently alerted to the work of Martin Fischer who understands the way a group of people interact and get things done, not in some hierarchical way, but as in the unofficial rules that everyone simply knows and works to.

Martin Fischer believes that the people in that group will get to know what the unspoken ‘rules of thumb’ are and then follow those rules. Like a flock of birds don’t all sit down and say “let’s flock to the left then turn quickly and go right and up by 20 degrees” they simply follow a few simple rules and it turns out that way. Something like 1) keep flapping your wings 2) keep half a wing length between yourself and the birds around you 3) follow the bird in front until you get to the front 4) if you are in the front and get tired, drop to the back. These are the core rules they are following, and a skein of ducks is the outcome.

Ok, in this instance there needs to be an assumption that all ducks have an accurate compass that enables them to migrate to the same place year after year, and we know not every employee will have the ability or inclination to lead such an awesome project.

But what might the unspoken rules of thumb be in your organisation, and if your people are not effectively moving forward towards a common goal, what can you do?

Maybe if every company identified;
  • the core purpose of the business;
  • the unspoken ‘rules of thumb;
  • whether these are helpful or not, bearing in mind the core purpose;
  • a strategy to eradicate unhelpful ‘rules’;
  • three or four core behavioural rules to support the ‘core’ purpose;
  • a strategy to embed those behaviours and reinforce the core purpose;
and then worked with this framework, perhaps organisations would be more focused, effective, and successful?

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