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Time To Move On

I once asked a very wise colleague (thank you Bill H.) who was leaving after many years in the same company, ‘when did you know it was the right time to move on?’ He replied, ‘I woke up one morning and simply knew.’ It seemed too easy an answer, but barely 3 months later I had a similar experience and a little later was offered a truly exciting opportunity when the Harmony Partnership was ‘gifted’ to me (thank you, Jim L.) and I took over as Managing Director.

This time circumstances have conspired to make the decision to ‘gift’ Harmony necessary, but having set the process in action, again I woke up one morning and new the decision was right. Juliet Sneyd, a dear friend and very experienced trainer and coach, will be taking over as Managing Director with effect from the 1 December 2014. Juliet has been a member of the Harmony Team for over four years and with her great sense of humour, knowledge and experience I know our clients and associates will enjoy working with Juliet as much as I do.

Thank you to all our clients who have supported Harmony through the years, and to our band of associates who have consistently delivered the best personal development training going.

Please contact Juliet to discuss a training or personal development need, or for further information on our services: mobile: 07977 530968

Wishing you well, Enid

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